About ATS

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ATS Transporttechnieken BV was established in 1987 by Paul Bonsel en Hans Husson. From 1987 to 1997 ATS Transporttechnieken BV was based in Tilburg on "Ringbaan Noord" and consisted of an office space and a small workshop. Because of the continuous expansion of the company, in 1997 ATS moved to a bigger location in Rijen in the industrial area "de Haansberg".


Hans Husson Director

Hans Husson graduated in 1984 at the HTS in Breda for his study in Electrical Engineering with specialization in technical computer science. After his studies, Hans has worked in the electronics development industry and as head of automation at a logistics service provider. In 1987 co-founded ATS Transporttechnieken BV with his colleague Paul Bonsel.

Paul Bonsel Director

Paul Bonsel graduated in 1980 at the HTS in Tilburg for his study in Mechanical Engineering. After several years having worked as a manager for a logistics service provider, Paul co-founded ATS Transporttechnieken BV with his colleague Hans Husson in 1987.

What we do

Mechanical engineering

This department consists of a mechanical engineering department and a workshop. These departments fall under the direction of Paul Bonsel. The tasks of the engineering department are to calculate and design the conveyor systems and customer specific machines. This department also takes care of the project layout drawings in the initial phase of a project, in which a 2D or 3D representation is given of the project that is to be implemented. The complete mechanical engineering is done in 3D CAD software, which makes it possible to provide the customer with animations and easy-to-understand 3D images of the project. This in turn makes communication easier and the end product better, as the customer can already see what the system will look like in the early stages of the project.
In the workshop all the drawings from the engineering department are manufactured, assembled and the installation is thoroughly tested, before installation at the customer by our own personnel.

Electrical engineering

Hans Husson heads the department of electrical engineering and industrial automation. The electrical engineering department is responsible for the development and construction of the control panels and cabinets that are custom made for driving the conveyor systems. The controls consist primarily of control cabinets with PLCs and frequency controllers, in which we increasingly put emphasis on the "totally integrated control" concept. This means that the various electrical components in the installation are controlled by a single controller, and all components are connected with fieldbus communication. Because of this “totally integrated control” concept, remote service becomes possible at a detailed level.
In the workshop the control cabinets are built, connected to the assembled installation and thoroughly tested, before installation at the customer by our own personnel.

Industrial automation

The industrial automation department is responsible for software development and installation of our custom built systems at the customer. This department can also develop, renew or improve software for existing installations.
Furthermore, this department is also responsible for remote service to our installations. Through a VPN connection to the customer, ATS personnel can connect to the installation and provide remote service, maintenance or fast support in case of a malfunction of the installation.