Carpet tile stacking lines




IntefaceFlor produces high quality carpet tiles. After the production process the tiles are processed by a custom-built system by ATS Transporttechnieken.
First the carpet tiles on a conveyor belt are visually checked for quality issues. After this check the carpet tiles are transported onto special timing belt conveyors with mechanical seperators to separate the good and faulty tiles. The faulty tiles continue to the end of the line and are collected for recycling, the good tiles drop onto one of the 4 stacking lines underneath the seperators. On each of the stacking lines every other tile is flipped upside down and then stacked by a fully servo controlled custom built stacker.
After stacking the completed stacks are then lowered onto a roller conveyor and then transported to a custom FIFO buffer system, also developed and made by ATS.
This system can process 240 carpet tiles per minute, or 14.400 carpet tiles per hour!


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