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Drum palletiser installation that you can find at our company

With this installation 200 litre drums are automatically palletized. The drums are loaded onto a roller conveyor at the beginning of the system and from there the drums are transported to the palletiser. The drums are then pushed onto a metal sliding plate by means of a pusher. An empty pallet is transported from a pallet de-stacker underneath the sliding plate. If there are two drums waiting on the sliding plate, this plate is pulled out underneath the drums while the drums are being held in place and thus ending up on the pallet. With the 2 drums on the pallet, the pallet is transported a little further via drum transport lines, making room for the next (one or) two drums. After palletising the drums (usually 3 or 4 on a pallet), the pallet is transported into a strapping machine. This machine puts a strap around the drums for extra stability during transport. A pallet and container lift can then offload the pallets from the system.

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