Robot palletiser for boxes and paper rolls




SCA Hygiene Products is responsible for the production of small series of wiping paper. These series are manufactured on 6 production lines. After production and packaging our installation takes care of the rest of the logistics: stacking, wrapping, labelling and finally ready for transport on an automatic truck loading system.

The products are transported from the 6 production lines to the 3 robot palletisers by 6 seperate conveyors. Before arriving in the robot cell, the products are elevated by a special S-lift to a height of approximately 3m. Each robot palletises the products from 2 supply lines on 2 separate pallets. Empty pallets are automatically destacked and fed into the robot cell by a central shuttle conveyor.

Loaded pallets are transported to a fully automatic wrapping machine by a second central shuttle conveyor. After wrapping, the pallets are provided with a SSCC label and are transported to one of the automatic truck loading systems.


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