Truck offloading system




At various distribution centers of AHOLD, Jumbo, C1000, Schuitema, Unilever, SCA, Farm Frites, etc. automatic truck loading and offloading systems from ATS are used.
By using an automatic truck offloading system, no manual offloading by forklift trucks or pallet trucks is necessary. The total time needed for the offloading of 28 pallets with this system is only three minutes, saving an enormous amount of time and therefore increasing the offloading capacity considerably.
Because no electrical connection to the truck is required, this system is suitable for all vehicles from different suppliers.

Unloading dock
This system is suitable to be installed in an existing unloading dock. Complete indoors installation is therefore possible.

The system is built with a small incline so the roller conveyors are free from the ground, making cleaning easier and more accessible. Furthermore the system has a built-in separator conveyor to separate the pallets, making it easier for forklift trucks to transport the pallets.

Alternative designs
Alternative designs are also possible, for example turning the offloading system into a truck loading system. Please note that in order to use the system as a truck loading system, an electrical connection to the truck is needed.


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