Conveyor system for pallets with cement bags




Our customer Cantillana in Belgium is a cement manufacturer. After production the fully loaded pallets (with cement bags) are ready for storage in a distribution center on the other side of a public road. Because forklifts would have to transport the pallets over a long distance and across a public road, ATS Transporttechnieken has built a conveyor system that transports these pallets from the production lines to the distribution location. This conveyor system consists of a shuttle conveyor, several roller conveyors, 2 hydraulic elevators and a bridge with integrated roller conveyor to cross the road.

The SEW motors are controlled by the built-in Moviswitch modules, connected to the PLC by AS-Interface (AS-i).
AS-Interface (Actuator Sensor Interface, AS-i) is an industrial networking solution (physical layer, data access method and protocol) used in PLC, DCS and PC-based automation systems. It is designed for connecting simple field I/O devices (e.g. binary ON/OFF devices such as actuators, sensors, rotary encoders, analog inputs and outputs, push buttons, and valve position sensors) in discrete manufacturing and process applications using a single 2-conductor cable.


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