Wireless shuttle for swimming pools


ATS Transporttechnieken BV was the first company in the Benelux to build a completely wireless shuttle with wireless energy transfer and communication for transporting luxury swimming pools.

This system was developped for the company Starline in Valkenswaard. Starline builds polyester luxury swimming pools with dimensions up to 7 x 11 meters, by using a gantry robot to apply polyester onto a swimming pool shape mold.

ATS has built six wireless shuttles which can each transport a swimming pool to the designated spray paint robot. These shuttles transport the swimming pools on a 100m oval track, which supplies power to the shuttle wirelessly.

The wireless energy transfer is achieved by 2 copper conductors in the floor, using a medium-frequency voltage. This creates a magnetic field that is picked up by a special plate on the shuttle and converted to 500VDC and 24VDC voltage. The 500VDC is used for control of the motor and the 24VDC is used for driving the electronics and safety components. The maximum power that can be transferred wirelessly is 16kW.

For wireless communication Siemens Wireless and Safety is used to ensure a reliable and secure system.


Project photos