Conventional palletiser


Sony Logistics Europe in Tilburg distributes Sony products in Europe. In the peak period, large numbers PlayStations are deliverd to the distribution center from Asia on bulk pallets and are repackaged for further distribution in Europe.
After the re-packaging, the boxes are sealed, scanned, labeled and transported on a roller conveyor to one of the four conventional palletisers. Empty pallets are automatically destacked by one of the pallet-destackers and transported to the palletisers by a shuttle conveyor. After palletizing a second shuttle conveyor transports the stacked pallets to a wrapping machine. After wrapping, the pallets are ready for distribution by a forklift truck.

Each conventional palletiser can palletise 600 boxes per hour. The entire installation with 4 palletisers can process a total of 2400 boxes, or 80 pallets, per hour.


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