Silo conveyor system


Are you interested in ordering silo conveyor systems? Then our company can surely help you. ATS Transporttechnieken offers a variety of different conveyor systems. This includes silo conveyors, which are useful for the transportation and bagging of fruits and vegetables. Browse the available models online.

Silo conveyor systems that you can buy at our company

Silos with a maximum weight of 8.000 kg (or 17.600 pounds) are transported by our shuttle conveyor with integrated extendable gripper mechanism. These silos are used in the production of Verifruit®. Verifruit® is an innovative product developed by our customer SVZ. Verifruit® is ‘the next best thing to fresh fruit’ because, as far as possible, it retains the characteristics of fresh fruit. This high-quality ingredient puts the true fruit sensation into the finished product, despite having an excellent shelf life, and being far less susceptible to damage during processing, than fresh fruit. Besides silo conveyor systems, we offer the following models too:

Order your silo conveyor online

Do you want to order one of our silo conveyor systems? Our collection has different models for you available. Contact our experts and look together which model is the most suited for your operation. Request a quote! Do you have any additional questions, or would you like more information on the products that we have available? Then feel free to contact us as well!


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